Large Corporate Events (100+/-)

Can you remember your last company party or event? Most gatherings are hard to recall, even just months after the fact. It’s easy to let your annual get-togethers, or meetings and celebrations, sneak up on you, settling for less-than-great entertainers who leave your guests underwhelmed, or worse, asking, “where did you get this guy?”

That’s about to change. Whether or not you want to believe it, your next company event is quickly approaching. At long last, you’ve found the unforgettable performer to help you make your gathering sparkle with the extraordinary. Hire Corporate Magician Joey Pipia, and you will join the companies already in the know. This one one contact will save time, so you can focus on your business.

It’s Easy and Fun to get Joey at Your Event

Your Employees and Colleagues will Thank You

Let’s be honest, when was the last time your employees, colleagues, or friends thanked you for giving them the time of their lives? You may not remember. In fact, they may never have said “thank you” Guests laughing, smiling, saying, “thank you”! Sound impossible? That's what Joey does at each event. Now it's time for you, and your guests to have that kind of fun.

Free Customized Proposal with NO Obligation

This is about you, your company, of your event. Joey knows that and that's why he customizes his proposal for your event based exclusively on your needs. And, that consultation is free of any obligation. Joey's goal is for you to have a successful event.

You have an event, or meeting, or just one, “in the works”. Shoot Joey and email now so he can help you raise the bar for your event.


Check out Joey Pipia performing his new version of Houdini’s classic needle swallowing effect, with shards of broken glass. This live TV clip showcases Joey’s flair for the extraordinary; Audiences laugh out loud with wonder on cruise ships, in hotel banquet rooms, and at private and company parties around the world.

Joey Pipia at a tech rehearsal.