We’re you really a Sorcerer’s Apprentice?
Yes. As a young man I worked as a stock boy at Tannen’s Magic, the world’s largest supply house in New York City. The owner, Irv Tannen asked me if I had any dreams. I said that being a student of Tony Slydini was my dream. He walked the the phone, dialed, waited a few seconds, then I heard him say, “Tony, I’ve got a young man here who says his dream is to study with…sure I’ll put him on,” and Irv handed me the receiver.
Have you really performed around the world?
Well, hard to say, all over the world, but the last cruise ship I performed on passed through the Panana Canal, and I headed home from Peru. I love the onboard theaters.
What got you interested in Magic?
My father came home from work one day and said to me, “I’d like to show you something.” And then proceeded to make a penny melt into his arm. I was mortified! I cried until he showed what had actually happened. I think back on that experience as being powerful. He didn’t, “hey, look at this trick,” but instead, “I want to show you something.”
I’ve heard you do magic at company parties, or corporate events. What does that mean?
Audiences enjoy my show in a different way. People are inspired after I perform. That wasn’t my goal when I began performing. Just where I ended up.
What’s is the favorite piece of magic you perform?
Would have to be my the handkerchief routine that was made famous by Tony Slydini. My version is so much fun, and always a surprise to me.