ESP! Part 2 of 2

Posted on Oct 26, 2017 by Joey

Yes, I STILL know…

We all have a story of a mysterious unexplained occurrence. Here’s mine. This is the one experience I’ve had that I could not explain at the time it happened. And, till this day, it’s still a mystery.

The Oregon County Fair (OCF) in Veneta, Oregon had booked me to perform. OCF is known for many things. Among them is easy availability of mind enhancing drugs.

When I tell people the following, they refuse to believe me, but it’s true: when I’m performing at OCF, there’s barely time for a shower, and certainly no time for mind altering drugs. When I’m at OCF, I’m working. Often three shows a day, rehearsals, show committee meetings.

One night that weekend this happened. My daughter and I were at a campfire, which was circled round with people dancing and singing. Sophie and I were beside the campfire when our attention was drawn to two unusual lights high in the sky. The two lights bobbed…

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