Moisture Festival?

Posted on Mar 14, 2017 by Joey

Yes, Moisture Festival. As in that time of year when it’s not quite rainy, but not quite sunny. In Seattle, that would translate to moist. The unlikely name for, perhaps, the most successful, awesome gathering of live entertainment in the United States.

The Moisture Festival is a four-week celebration of comedy varietè; that rare kind of amazing talent I remember from the Ed Sullivan Show. Except this is live and at several venues across Seattle.

Each year of its nearly twenty-year run, venues range from ACT’s Main Stage to the Broadway Performance Hall. But the festival’s home is Hale’s Palladium, a former Hale’s Brewery warehouse converted to a nearly 300-seat theater.

The festivities begin this Thursday, March 16th and run through April 9th. Ticket prices are so reasonable you’ll be pinching yourself at your good fortune. And, just in case you feel like you’ve seen it all, The Moisture Festival attracts talent from…

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Get Smartt!

Posted on Mar 07, 2017 by Joey

“Smartt Entertainment Corporate, Celebrity Event Planning” is one of the premiere booking agencies in the United States. They represent amazing talent like Jay Leno and Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban, and now…Joey Pipia. (I'm still pinching myself, but yes, it's true.)

If you have an upcoming event, booking through an agency like “Smartt Entertainment” is the best way to ensure every aspect runs smoothly; from contract negotiations to onsite facilitation, and of course, getting you outstanding entertainment that keeps your guests thrilled from beginning to end.

And they focus on your specific needs: whether you’re planning your company year-end holiday party, next break out session, or important sales meeting. These are friendly experts who take the worry and work out of your hands, so you can literally just show up and enjoy!

A big thank you to Cindy Smartt, yes, of “Smartt Entertainment,” for taking me on, and to Charlene Koepf also of “Smartt Entertainment”…

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2 Disappear

Posted on Mar 01, 2017 by Joey

Two people in the magical world are not with us this week: one a long time maker of mind miracles who died of cancer, and the second, Daryl, a close up magician. That’s the stage name he used. No last name. Daryl, like Cher, or Adele.

This past Friday night at the same time he was to perform at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, he took his life while in the bathroom waiting to go on. My first inclination was to joke that he must have had some serious stage fright. I tend to make bad jokes like that. Way too early.

I think the reason I do that is because my emotions tend to float. Kind of up. And, for anyone who’s known me for a while, that ‘up’ has been like that for a long time. Pretty much, my adult life. When I was a kid, though, life was not like that for me. My family used to call me, ‘moody’.

I think my emotions then didn’t float they way they do now.…

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