The Truth.

Posted on Jul 28, 2019 by Joey

Who Taught Him...

Again, I don't want to be political in this space, but my passion is reality. What I, or some other person, does and says, to achieve their reality.

I my case, as a magician, I use a lot of psychology and human behavior to suss out what I'm going to say, or not say. I have quite a library. My favorite books are on theory and performing arts. I often quote the words of famous and not to famous inspiration.

When I wrote a series of articles for Vanish Magazine, I began with a quote from a somewhat notable acting teacher, Sanford Meisner, who famously ask his students, “Are you really doing what you say your doing?”

Might seem somewhat benign to you, but when I'm creating a new piece magic, I hark back to this statement, and a few others I've learned from people like Sanford.

Of late I've been fascinated, that's to strong a word – drawn maybe – to the President and his behavior. Specifically his relationship with the truth.

Many of us know that he often say things that are an exaggeration, and sometimes just flat out not true.

The specific example I'll site here is about his father's birthplace. The President has, more than once, said that his dad was born in Germany. In truth, his father was born in New York City.

My question is this: Who taught Donald that this behavior was the path to success?