Happy Birthday...

Posted on Jul 20, 2019 by Joey

First Moon Landing!

What a memory of this for me. In July 1969, I was eleven years old, and while I don't remember looking up at the moon and thinking, “hey, there are PEOPLE up there”. (Okay, two guys, but it was still pretty darn cool.)

It's important to know I'm a firm believer that this did happen, but I've always been fascinated by people, and the thought, that maybe it didn't.

Again, I know this happened. But if it didn't, who would they turn to to make the world believe that it was happening? Someone who was well versed in creating false realities.

A magician, of course.

I have a several projects in different stages of development. One magic trick took me several YEARS to perfect before I ever showed it to others. Someday I'll finish the story where someone in the government turns to a magician for help in making the everyone believe we got there.

What if NASA was a year behind Kennedy's famous, and somewhat audacious challenge. If the US were behind, they might deem it a situation of national importance.

A magician would know how to create, what one documentary called it, “the greatest deception of the century”.

Again, I firmly believe that we went. But what if...