Is This Real?

Posted on Jun 28, 2019 by Joey

Fake Photos...

This site, named,, will make fake photos thanks to machine learning algorithms by the tech company Nvidia. The pics are pretty darn good. If you look closely, you might think the skin a little fuzzy. Emphasis on little.

From “While subtle signs of AI interference (like hair looking a little too perfect or asymmetrical features) can be noted if you’re particularly observant, further developments in the program likely mean that even these small clues will disappear.”

This is just another alarming shoutout that there are many challenges facing the public.

This article gives an example of the same technology just four years ago. The photos that accompany this article are clearly inferior. The pics are blurry and in black and white.

There are many examples of Photoshopped photos that have gone viral. A great article with many is on Buzzfeed. I guess Photoshop is kind of old school now!