Naked Magician(s)

Posted on Jun 15, 2019 by Joey

Certainly Not Joey

This is funny because it represents one way in which Joey Pipia will not be inspired. I'm also of the mind that most people would not want to see me perform naked.

I'm referring to a show called, “The Naked Magicians”. As seen on London's West End, and in 200+ cities around the world, and by over 50 million on TV (NBC, ABC, FOX, iTV) - The Naked Magicians is the latest arrival to the magic show world in Las Vegas.

According to this Los Angeles Times article entitled, Nothing up their sleeves, Naked Magicians to open in Las Vegas, “While cracking nonstop jokes, Tyler and Wayne — who describe themselves as “best mates” — spend their show time slowly undressing while performing an array of tricks. Audience members are called on to help too”.

The boys are from Australia, hence the term “best mates”. The photo at the website reveals at least one of the two has quite a physique.

There is definitely a sexist angle to this: as far I as I know, magician's assistants in Las Vegas are usually female, and often in a state of undress. The magician is a guy.

I know I started this post stating the fact that I'm not expecting to perform naked any time soon, but it bears repeating, I'm not going to perform naked anytime soon!