TV Magic Cards!

Posted on Mar 13, 2019 by Joey

Did (Do) You Have Them?

Marshall Brodein died this past week. According to this article in the Chicago Sun Times, “The dapper Mr. Brodien wore a tuxedo to sell millions of TV Magic Cards and other magic sets on TV, and he also sported a funny hat and curled mustache to appear as Wizzo the Wizard on more than 3,000 episodes of “The Bozo Show.”

I never bought a deck of TV Magic Cards. I was fortunate enough to have already learned the “secret deck” that he was pitching. According to that same article, the TV Magic Deck is still available from at least one toy vendor.

The same article says, 'In the 1970s, long before anyone talked of late-night infomercials, Mr. Brodein was on television pitching “amazing TV Magic Cards” with the line, “6 or 60, you can work TV Magic Cards, the mechanical deck that works all by itself.”

I remember that like it was yesterday! You?

Mr. Brodien was 84 years old.