Fake Trucks?

Posted on Oct 06, 2018 by Joey


Amazon plants fake packages on delivery trucks,” according to several news reports. I detail many a story when I post about fake this, or fake that, but this one really seems made up!

Apparently, Amazon has been the victim of theft, some of their drivers. Some have been swiping packages from his, or her, truck.

This Business Insider reports that “The company plants the packages — internally referred to as "dummy" packages — in the trucks of drivers at random. The dummy packages have fake labels and are often empty.

If the “dummy” package fails to be returned to Amazon, then the driver is suspected of theft. I was a little confused until I read another article with more details. The packages have a label that, when scanned by the driver, tell him, or her to return the package to Amazon.

"We might pull something out of our pocket and put it in there" to give it some weight, a former Amazon logistics manager told Business Insider.

This is a funny one for me. When I am creating a false reality, one that I am counting on the audience to believe, I go to great lengths.

I've never resorted to pulling something from my pocket to make it look real. Never.