Fake Psychics?

Posted on Sep 16, 2018 by Joey

They no idea!

 “You think they would've known,” said my friend as we walked past a Fortuneteller storefront in New York City that boasted a “going out of business” sign in the window.

I remember this as a favorite funny ad lib, but it really is quite profound, and does beg for this question to be asked, “are those psychics for real?”

I've never had a psychic experience. Indeed, I perform as The Psychic Dynasty with my daughter. We bill ourselves as the world's only father/daughter mind reading team. What we do will make you believe we have special powers! When I'm performing solo, several effects I do would make you think so, too.

My research into this world magic has taken me to many subjects: the famous Fox sisters, occultism, the spirit world, for example. I know quite a bit about those.

There are many online references extolling the virtues of a “beware attitude” when approaching psychics. A reminder of which, I agree, should be upper most in your mind when you seek the guidance of a seer. A fun one is the expose is truTV's “Adam Ruins Everything”. Another expose resource is magician James Randi who's been dogging fake psychics since the 1970's, beginning with his expose of Israeli psychic, Uri Geller.

In fact, you will be better served if I use an entire post to talk about Randi. Many of us, think magicians, call him, America's Skeptic. Next week, then!