Fake hotel?

Posted on Sep 11, 2018 by Joey

Not really...

“You think you're in a hotel room, but it's actually a store.” Those words immediately captured my attention. I pricked up my ears and listened carefully. The woman speaking was the CEO and founder of Canadian business, Fulhaus, a company that blurs the line between one particular reality in what they call, ''A Shoppable Stay.”

Fulhaus contracts directly with local Airbnb's to fully furnish the rental. The Fulhaus site boasts this assurance, “From sofas to artwork and linens” the company will take care of everything.

And here's where rubber meets the road, somewhere in this rental is an ipad. And on this ipad you can order any of the furnishings in this particular AirBnB.

So you can be sure your location is going to knock your socks off amazing, “Fülhaus hand-picks guest entertainment packages per city to ensure that the client’s guests have a chance to experience the best of local life in the comfort of their stay.”

The site continues, Each Fülhaus apartment is stocked with books from local authors + vinyls from the best local bands to make sure your guest not only has a beautiful apartment but a beautiful experience as well.

For me, wonders never cease.