*Con Men

Posted on Aug 06, 2018 by Joey

*Stands for Confidence.

We call them Con Men, but the real word is Confidence. I got an email a couple of days ago that was supposed to be from a computer wiz who, he said, had hacked my computer and made a video tape of me.

“If I would be so kind as to pay me $1,000 in Bitcoin, I'll delete the video. If you refuse, I'll share this video with your contact list” he continued.

I refused and immediately deleted the email, as I quickly recognized what was up.

This person was trying to gain my confidence that he had a compromising video of me. The email even included an old password of mine as the subject.

I've subsequently read on Facebook that several friends received this same email. And that snopes.com has even listed is as a fake.

It was the confidence part that tipped me off. For whatever reason, I had less confidence in the person writing this email that I did myself.