What does it take to fool Joey Pipia?

Posted on Jun 30, 2018 by Joey

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This past week I needed to see a doctor. I have a chronic, yet benign (and quite painless) issue with my ears. The nature of my ear canals causes them to fill quickly with wax. Gross, I know. But this is a natural occurrence, but if you're me, it happens more frequently than for most people; so when I find myself asking, “what did you say?” often as my answer, I know it's time for a cleaning.

I was at my doctor, and the tech person, Matt, knew I'm a magician. In fact, we discussed some effects, and he knew a more than most about how some magic is done. When he left he told the doctor,that I'm a magician, and together they set me up for an awesome, 'Joey Pipia moment of wonder'.

Alone now, and waiting for the doctor, I was seated in the examining chair. Just the regular chair, the same one where the tech had checked my blood pressure (just fine, by the way!). The doctor came in and stood behind me and a little to my right, but close. I couldn't see her, but she could see me. She looked at my right ear.

“Oh, yes, this ear is completely occluded,” she said. I was surprised (and I'll admit it, kind of worried, too) I knew the build up had caused me to ask, “what?” a lot recently, but 'completely' occluded?

“Here's the problem!” she continued, and proceeded to pull a quarter from my ear. I laughed so hard, and then immediately ran to the next room, and a grinning Matt, the tech to tell him how well played it was.