Be Nice. Two more magic words.

Posted on Jun 24, 2018 by Joey

Just for the sake of it

This is not about how Joey Pipia will amaze you. This is not about why Joey Pipia is perfect to entertain at your upcoming important event. No mention of holiday parties, or special meetings. Nothing about that trade show, or hospitality suite you're worried about.

Instead, it's about something I believe many of us take for granted, and worse, just plum forget to do.

Be nice.

I know, so much crap out there in today's world, who has the time? But I was just reminded that, according to this one particular thirteen year old woman, being nice is also saving the world.

Think about that for a minute.

I know, she's only thirteen and she has so many awful things ahead of her. And I don't mean terrible #metoo kind of stuff, just normal every day disappointments like flat tires, a broken heart, etc. I said I was just reminded by this woman. Some of us, yours included, go about our lives in a kind of frenzy, charging from one moment to next, forgetting what someone once told us when we were thirteen, or younger.

Be nice.

Next time you're in your office, or back home with your friends, family, or room mate, think about what that thirteen year old woman said, and just be nice.

Last year I wrote in a blog post, and cited supporting statistics about the use in business (and outside the office), of what many people consider the real magic words, please and thank you.

I'd like add two more: be nice.