Religion And Magic

Posted on Jun 16, 2018 by Joey

A Human Need?

Sometimes kids are in my audience, as was the case for a show I was in yesterday. I invited a young boy and girl to join me as helpers. A three year old came up, sat herself beside the young girl helper.

This three year old didn't look at me, didn't look at the audience, her gaze was unbroken as she stared at small surface where I was about to perform. Another kid, seeing this three year old move closer, moved in, too.

Soon another kid came up. Then another. I convinced a few of them to move back to the audience, so the larger group could see, but these first four or five stayed put. When the show was over those three year old's perception of me had changed. I did nothing to make that happen.

They were not afraid of me, so much as I was revered. I wouldn't say they followed me, but they were certainly aware of where I was, and what I was doing, post show. They were in what I call, Carpe Deceptum. (A term I've made up by the way.) They believed what they's just seen was real. In some kind of mental place they had witnessed something indescribable.

At some point in these kid's lives they will learn truths: truth about Santa, truth about magic. These three year olds has not gotten there yet. These kids were believers. My question here is this: what was is about those kids who looked at me with such reverence?

I'm convinced that it was not me, but they. Some very human need, deep within us, on which regions flourish, was present. I'm not saying that religion is made up, or questioning it in any. I'm simple saying that one of the things that make it flourish is our common human need to believe.