Even the Big Boys Fake

Posted on May 23, 2018 by Joey

Google busted?

In the boardrooms, or main office, managers were probably shaking in their proverbial boots.

Did Google fake the demonstration of it's new AI technology at a conference a couple of weeks ago?

The technology is an AI Assistant that can make phone calls, answer questions, and think on the go they way a human would. For those of you familiar with computers, this was somewhat of a Turing Test. (Which some said Google failed.) In this demonstration, the Google assistant make two calls: one to a hair salon, the other to a restaurant. You can listen and watch. Google it. It's worth it to see where this is heading.

Google was immediately called out by an online blog named, Axios. Bloggers at Axios made similar calls to restaurants and hair solons, and the way those businesses answered the phone made the callers doubt the reality of the voices everyone heard at the conference. All the businesses called by Axios answered by saying the name of the restaurant, or salon. In the Google demonstration, no such identification was made.

Axios said there was also a lack of background noise at these businesses that Google called.

So far, despite several calls to do so, Google has not repeated the demonstration. As a magician, I can tell you, 'never repeat a trick to the same audience,' is a golden rule for a reason.

Sometimes you fool people with something subtle, something they might notice the next time.

Sometimes you fool people with something they can verify if given an opportunity.

Google's recent demonstration has been called out, and regrettably, they've not given a repeat performance. They've not even answered questions.

It's a great service, this AI Google Assistant if it's real.

An other article details how an early Apple Computer demonstration was faked by using an entirely different computer after the one that was supposed to used broke. Apparently, this type of thing is more common than we know!