"I can't say enough about Seattle Corporate Magician, Joey Pipia. Our company has no regrets! We can't understand how we've been living without Comedy Magician, Joey Pipia."

Posted on May 01, 2018 by Joey

According to Freddie E.

What a great quote! Unfortunately, it's not real. Oh, yes, I've plenty of quotes that are the very much like that, but from actual people. It's one of the reasons I keep getting hired back, or sell out a show, lots of people have a great time at my shows; both self produced, or when I'm booked at a company's holiday, or retreat event.

The quote above was generated by an automatic testimonial generating at testimonial-generator.com. I entered Magician, Joey Pipia, and the generator did the rest.

Fake reviews are quite a problem. Forbes says the problem has become even more of an issue this last year. According to that article, “Over the last couple of months, many unassuming products have been receiving dozens of five-star reviews within hours or days of being listed on the site, with some reviewers knocking them out at a furious rate”.

This is true for just about any online company: Amazon, Yelp, Reddit, Airbnb, Angie's List; and the list goes on. Apparently, it's quite difficult to root out the real from the fake. A quick Google search reveals several ways you can find gold among dross. One simple tip is to read several reviews instead of just instead of just the star rating.

More than one company dedicated to spotting fake reviews have cropped up. Fakespot is just one, and the website boasts they analyzed over a billion and half reviews. The service is free to anyone who has a computer and a review you want to test.

What's the best way to spot a fake review? Well, believe it or not, all you have do to is paste the copy from the review in question into Fakespots analyzer and click analyze.

Just for the record, the quote about Joey Pipia above remains unverifiable as it's not associated with any website, say Amazon, or Reddit.