How do YOU feel?

Posted on Feb 21, 2018 by Joey

And why that matters to me!

The feeling of my audience is paramount in my decision about – not just what, but also how – I perform magic.
One time, I was scheduled to perform in a banquet room at a hotel for company holiday party. I always arrive early. Just my way. When I got to the venue, the tables were set up nicely in the banquet room, but the stage was so far away, it might as well have been in a different state.
Like I said, my audience is prime concern for me. My thinking was that night the audience might only look my way. Might even say, "oh, entertainment," but the stage being so far away, they might not.
I moved every table closer to the stage. Every table. (As I said, I arrived early.) I also made sure the stage was visible to every seat. The show was a huge hit. The audience had a great time. (The company folks were happy, too.) I think, in part, because the feeling was a little more intimate than me performing a mile away.
I did a show one recent evening. It's a boutique show, called, The Magic Chamber. Self produced. I've toured this show throughout the Northwest, and even a sold out run at Seattle's Intiman Theatre. In fact, that show I partnered with The Wine Seller in Port Townsend. The event is called, Wine and Wonder.
Wine tasting at 7 pm, and The Magic Chamber at 8 p m.
Oh, yes, I rehearsed. I was ready that way. But I was also concerned about the seating. I believe that even the way the audience is seated, they manner in which they enjoy the show, is part of the reason people leave smiling and coming back, or recommending me to a friend, or colleague.
Another time at a festival, when I arrived I noticed that nearly every chair was moved from the seating area at the stage to the food venders' area. The particular piece of magic I had planned to do is best received by an audience when they are seated in chairs. You can guess what I did.

Yes, every single chair I could find.