In ? we trust!

Posted on Feb 13, 2018 by Joey

In ? we trust! Trust me...

If ever there were a true magic power, it's trust. Regrettably, trust can be a two way street.

So much of Bernie Madoff's success (I apologize for using that word, but see where I'm going with this) as a thief, I think, was his ability to engender trust.
And Bernie's was not just your average thief. Instead, one that has become iconic. A criminal that history will probably remember with the likes of his other famous brethren: think Jesse James and Al Capone.
There have been recent news reports on the crime. And, while not shedding new light on Bernie – but rather for me, and the rest of us. That's why I began this post referencing trust. Trust is another word for believe, but refers to a slightly different application in life. The words are not siblings, but rather, cousins.
I know a little bit about how to achieve a false belief among my audience. Whether or not I'm booked for a fancy corporate gig, or a simple card trick in your living room. When I have created a false belief among those watching, I can do anything.
Which brings me to Bernie Madoff. People believed that he and team his team had the  "secret sauce". In fact, those are words peoples in the financial industry use to describe the kind of belief, or trust, that Bernie engendered among his clients.
The eventual fallout was that Bernie Madoff, and four or five of his people, went to prison. A 2014 report said, "that more that 57,000 claims had been filed by people who said they'd been scammed". Ultimately, Bernie Madoff bilked people and companies, according to some reports, out of 65 billion dollars in 119 countries. That's a lot of trust.
It's easy for me to see that why it happened, and why it could happen again. Some people are willing to believe in a different kind of magic altogether.

Whom do you trust?