Are we having fun yet?

Posted on Jan 30, 2018 by Joey

Say yes!

Once I worked with a person who, when you asked her how it was going would always answer, "it's going". She said it with a kind of grimace. I remember this as being off putting. It's as off putting now as I write about it, as it was then.

I tend to answer that question with a quick review of my life, an obvious realization that things could always be better, but also remember this: things could be so much worse. I guess some people call that, "there but for the grace of..." I'm not a religious person, and that would be a different post!
Years ago, as I leaving my house to do a perform a show at a company holiday party, my wife said to me, "have fun," as I was at the door. I turned around, and stopped. In the many years I'd been doing shows, I'd never once had that thought.
I was always...worried. Worried whether or not the company that hired me would be happy. Worried whether or not the theater's program director would be happy. Worried whether or not the entertainment director would be happy. That was my exclusive mindset: worried.
Think about that. I was doing shows, and not thinking that I was about to have fun. When I think about that now, I shake my head in disbelief.  How could I not be focused on having fun?
My shows have gotten better through the years. Some of that is because I work hard at perfecting the sleights. Some of that is because I worked on the timing, or the staging.
And some is because I come out ready to have fun.
My wife not too long ago headed out to her job. She's a musician, in fact, a Kapellmeister in the tradition of Bach. She leaves early, and when she does, I always say, "have fun."

Not sure that resonates for her the way it did for me, but I like to think so.