Posted on Dec 27, 2017 by Joey


When I was first married I lived in Santa Monica, California. My downstairs neighbors, MK and Rosemary Lewis, authored the book, “Your Film Acting Career”. This book is written for aspiring actors who have moved, or are moving to Los Angeles.

I have to tell you that I’ve not read this book since I lived there in the nineties. What follows is a piece of advice from that book. I may have changed it, or this might be exactly as it appears.

The advice is, “each day, do at least one thing for your career”. D.O.T. is my acronym, so I don’t forget: Do One Thing. I like this advice, and I’m passing it along to you. There are two parts that resonate for me, and probably the reason it’s stuck with me all these years.

The first is this; one thing is a very low bar. Not a single day goes by when I don’t do at least one thing. I do many more, but one thing is an easy target. The word matrix also appears above. Matrix is my addition. I think it’s nearly impossible to do just one thing. There is a domino effect, something I call a matrix. One thing leads to another.

The first definition of the word matrix is, “an environment or material in which something develops…”

'Something develops’ is what I call the D.O.T. Matrix. (Yes, I know, there are printers that use that name, too.)

The second thing I like is this; MK and Rosemary use the word, career. That’s kind of a loaded term for us solo-preneurs I like to think I’ve got a career. Not sure others agree, but that’s how I see it.