Sanity Clause!

Posted on Dec 21, 2017 by Joey

You might benefit from this, and that’s why it’s here now.

I spend some of my time in what you’d call, sales. Some of my shows are self-produced; this New Year’s Eve Wine and Wonder at The Wine Seller in Port Townsend, for example. Some are private events because someone has seen me, or recommended me.

And finally, some are booked because I’ve positioned myself as an attractive option. In other words, I advertise. In fact, the shows I did this winter were because I answered requests to those ads.

When I’m in that mode, lets, say, selling, I use what I call, a ‘sanity clause’. I have certain events that need to be achieved in order to continue, or stop. For example: making five contacts, three hours, or one request from someone I was calling to send them more information. It’s my sanity clause.

I actually have it written down on my desk: Sanity Clause: 5, 3, 1.

Sanity Clause, is of course, the crazy bit from the Marx Brothers movie, “A Night at the Opera”.

Next week I’ll pass along another thought about working alone. Consider it a New Year gift…