Posted on Nov 09, 2017 by Joey


“No problem!” I remember myself saying, but I might have been thinking, “What?” I tend to say yes, first, and ask questions later.

“It’s a nudist resort. Everyone will be naked.” The woman who booked me was referring to the audience, of course. It didn’t faze me. One of my friends said jokingly, “Just maintain eye contact.” I’m an eye contact kind of guy. This was not a problem for me.

I knew I would be borrowing a one-dollar bill from the audience at one point during this particular show. Fortunately, I thought of it before we began, and the woman who booked me – even though she was naked, and had nary a pocket – made sure that a dollar bill was nearby.

I performed in my tux; they gave me a standing ovation. Later, when I was striking the show, I wore ONLY a t-shirt; those who were still there gave me an additional round of applause.

A different gig was for a new business’s grand opening. This business, Bud Junction, is in the southern tip of Oregon. I was once booked to perform for a Pepsi Bottling Company Holiday party in Montana. Bud Junction…seemed like it would be a Budweiser kind of place.

Instead, it was a cannabis store grand opening. Yes, that kind of bud. I remember asking the owner where, and even seeing Bud Junction on the contract. “Maybe a greenhouse?” I remember thinking. I literally didn’t know until I arrived.

Both shows were awesome because of the people. Always fun to hang with super people. Stoned or naked. Truth be told, the first group was, indeed, naked. The second was not stoned. In fact, I was impressed with how much they were all about business.