ESP! Part 2 of 2

Posted on Oct 26, 2017 by Joey

Yes, I STILL know…

We all have a story of a mysterious unexplained occurrence. Here’s mine. This is the one experience I’ve had that I could not explain at the time it happened. And, till this day, it’s still a mystery.

The Oregon County Fair (OCF) in Veneta, Oregon had booked me to perform. OCF is known for many things. Among them is easy availability of mind enhancing drugs.

When I tell people the following, they refuse to believe me, but it’s true: when I’m performing at OCF, there’s barely time for a shower, and certainly no time for mind altering drugs. When I’m at OCF, I’m working. Often three shows a day, rehearsals, show committee meetings.

One night that weekend this happened. My daughter and I were at a campfire, which was circled round with people dancing and singing. Sophie and I were beside the campfire when our attention was drawn to two unusual lights high in the sky. The two lights bobbed with each other. Undulating back and forth.

Dancing stopped. Singing stopped. Everyone looked up. No one could explain what we were seeing. Sophie and I stood there beside the campfire. Looking up.

In what has become one of my favorite memories, the people around the campfire just returned to singing, and dancing.

Sophie and I continued to look up. After about five minutes of these unusual undulations, each light went it’s own direction, and one at a time. The trail of each was much like that of a shooting star, but sustained until we could no longer see it.

The next morning, there were postings all around the OCF site asking who’d seen those strange bight lights. Many had.

Airplanes? Helicopters? Sophie and I talked about the lights and how they behaved. Helicopters and planes do not fit what we experienced. A satellite breaking up as it re-entered? No, we’ve seen that, too. A shooting star? The five minutes of bobbing ruled that out.

I’m certain you have a thought as to what it was. In fact, many at OCF joked that the powers that be were keeping tabs on a group that is usually under the influence or mind enhancing drugs.