ESP! Part 1 of 2

Posted on Oct 19, 2017 by Joey

Yes, I KNOW…

I’ve almost never had an experience that I was unable to explain by natural means.

I once read a woman’s mind. She wrote a word down on piece of paper, folded that paper, and sealed it in an envelope. She made sure that I couldn’t see the paper. I said, “the word written is good, no, no, not good…ah, yes, god.”

She started to cry.

I told her it was a trick, that I’d used a subtle subterfuge to learn her secret word. She didn’t care. She continued to cry. Yikes, I thought. This is my friend.

Any foray into “mind reading” since then has been steeped in comedy. Laugh, laugh, amazing moment. Laugh, laugh, amazing moment. Too easy for people to accept something that they may be predisposed to believe as phenomena.

Much of our modern occult thinking may have started in 1848 in Buffalo, New York. There, two young women, sisters, said they were able to communicate with those departed, in the next world.

The Fox sisters held séances around the world, sometimes together, sometimes alone. Near the end of their lives they fessed up. The strange rapping sounds of spirits? Turns out, was the sound of the girls cracking their toes.

I’m a big fan of the occult, psychic phenomenon. I love when I get chills running up and down my back because something seems impossible. So far, that has not happened in a way that I’ve not been able to suss out.

Well, actually, one story still stands as unexplained. Next week, I’ll share that here.