Liar, Liar!

Posted on Oct 05, 2017 by Joey

Pant on fire...

I lie all the time. You’d think that as much as I do, I’d be good at catching liars. I’m not.

In Poker, the prevailing wisdom is that each of us has little mannerisms that let other players know the truth of a situation. It’s called a, tell. My fellow Poker buddies must know my, tell. They’re aware I’m a magician, pretty darn good with a deck of cards, and yet they allow me to play with them.

I tell them my losses are because I’m going for the long con. Of course, I’m lying when I say that, but somehow, they know.

My daughters say that when I lie, I flare my nostrils. Makes me laugh to type that sentence! They get great pleasure sharing that information. In fact, they get downright giddy.

There used to be clear thinking that liars revealed themselves through body language: a person looking up to the right, is making it up; looking up and to the left, is remembering something that really happened.

Folding your arms, you’re hiding something. (And not just your body.)

Recent research in this area suggests that knowing when a person is lying might not be that simple.

In fact, asking questions to check on the accuracy of what you’ve just been told might be a better place to start. Someone tell you they attend the University of Washington in Seattle? Ask about his commute, and – if he’s lying – he might struggle with the answer.

According to the BBC, in a test, officers trained in this interviewing technique were more than 20 times more likely to detect fact passengers than officers using suspicious signs (body language), finding them %70 of the time.

I wonder if there were any flared nostrils ;-)