Posted on Sep 19, 2017 by Joey

Paper and magic...

"Paper has memory." Words I heard on radio this past week that haunted me. Spoken during a report on the art of Origami and made me feel poetic. Not sure there is a correlation between Origami, memory, and life, but there should be.
Jogging my memory was responsible for what follows this brief lesson from the world of origami: how to fold an American Classic.

Now, two versions of the Origami Illusion: a magic stage illusion with a Japanese paper-folding theme, designed by Jim Steinmeyer. First, this one premiered in 1986 by Canadian illusionist, America's favorite hippie, Doug Henning.  

Second, illusionist David Copperfield later introduced this one, with some nominal changes that would be widely copied by other performers. No doubt you've watched a version of this on TV, on YouTube, or in a theater somewhere. Widely copied, without attribution to Mr. Steinmeyer, and most probably without any financial remuneration. 


Magicians, apparently, have worse memory than paper.