Posted on Sep 04, 2017 by Joey

As if by magic…

This happened last Friday. In fact, I posted last week’s entry, answered a few comments, and headed out to run a few errands on my bike.

On my way to The Chameleon Theater, while riding my bike, this happened: the front wheel fell off, the fork of the bike hit the ground, I was flipped forward over the handle-bars, onto my head and back, on the street.

Ambulance, hospital, x-rays, the whole nine yards.

As I’ve told some of you, the helmet saved my head, the t-shirt – my head and shoulders – not so much. Broken collarbone, a sling, and some pain, but otherwise, a fully functioning human being.

I’m sitting here at my computer writing this, and if I’d not been wearing a helmet – I’m not so sure.

You can safely assume that I’ve been transformed into a member of the Helmet Police.