Thank You

Posted on Aug 10, 2017 by Joey

The Real Magic Word(s)

More than a few years ago a friend told me she’d just begun to say “thank you” to the person checking her out at the grocery store. (As I said, this was more than a few years ago; a time when most grocery stores had only people checking you out.)
I asked her what she’d been doing up till then, and she answered: “I just pick up my bags and leave.” I was taken aback.
A few weeks later I asked her how things were going, grocery-wise. She said that, “the people now smile, and say, ‘You’re welcome.’” She was shocked, I could tell.
I’m all about gratitude. Life can be challenging, but being in gratitude makes everything easier. (Note, I did not say, easy, just easier.)
According to this recent article on, which included a study done by the email-scheduling Boomerang app that analyzed over 350,000 emails, “closing an email with gratitude is a good bet when you are hoping to get someone to respond.”
Thank you email sign-offs rated highest in response, beating out perennial favorites, ‘best’ and ‘regards’.
Thank you. The real magic words.