Posted on Aug 02, 2017 by Joey

The Power of Smiles…

The existential meaning of comedy is central to one of my favorites movies, “Funny Bones.” In my life I put a premium on funny. And, I’m a fan of smart funny: silly, yet profound.
The New Old Time Chautauqua tour was my home these past two weeks. It’s in 36th year being founded by, among others, Dr. Patch Adams and The Flying Karamazov Brothers post one Oregon Country Faire.
This truly awesome fifty-person group travels to underserved communities in the Pacific Northwest. (And has done so every year since 1981!) Educate, inform, entertain, and inspire is at the center of every interaction.
We shared our collective talents with communities in Eastern Oregon via parades, workshops, and shows at prisons, senior centers, and reading programs; culminating at the local theater where we presented our big, knock-your-socks-off vaudeville extravaganza.
Smiling faces were everywhere: from those incarcerated to those just learning to read to those who definitely need reading glasses.