Tall Grass

Posted on Jul 25, 2017 by Joey

Showmen, really…

Once upon a time there were no railroads, no phones, and no internet. I remember life with no internet, but not the first two ;-)
Back then there existed a cadre of performers who haunted the earliest days of vaudeville before the rails and phones connected this vast country. With magicians among them, they are called today, Tall Grass Showmen.
These great showmen, according to legend, walked from town to town through the tall grass, hence the name. No car. No rail. These unique performers did their show at the local grange, civic center, courthouse, or open field.
The Tall Grass Magicians literally invented their magic and made their props. They couldn’t go to their local magic shop, because there wasn’t one.
They couldn’t download instructions for the latest trick, because, as I said earlier, there was no internet.
These performers were great, or they ended up as farm hands. Nothing wrong with that, just not what they wanted ;-)