Posted on Jul 12, 2017 by Joey

IS reality...

I'm a recent recipient of a total hip replacement - thanks Obama! - and even more recently I've had a reminder that what we see is what we believe. Truth be told, my new hip is fine; a recent trip to the Doctor suggests that any pain I might have been feeling is probably due to my choice of shoes. (Ah, vanity!)

A small folding cane was my companion on a trip that took me to airports, taxis, a hotel, and the like. I was offered first in line when boarding an airplane; not by the passengers but the airline. I was asked to go head of military and first class! People were beside themselves coming to my aid when I knocked over my cane in a public restroom.

Heading down a hallway, people insisted that I go ahead and that they would be just fine walking slower behind me.

People's behavior CHANGED when they saw me with a cane.

Thank you to anyone who showed me kindness these last few days, but this question begs to be asked: what interactions, or conversations in my (and your) life are on auto-pilot?