What if?

Posted on Jun 28, 2017 by Joey

I say it A LOT...

“What if…?” are two words that always get me into trouble. Good trouble, but trouble none-the-less.
Those two words, when spoken by me are often followed by months of experimentation, research, and practice. Sometimes years of  “good trouble”.
“Joey Pipia defies the laws of nature!” exclaimed an audience member at one of my shows in Montana this past winder. He was commenting on one of the original effects.
Good trouble was responsible for his comment; somewhere in my past I’d had the thought that, “what if…” followed by something that would, indeed, defy the laws of nature.
Then the good trouble: months of research, experiments, and practice.  (And if I get lucky, something interesting will be added to my show.) If you doubt my words, a quick look at my office and workshop will reveal the truth of what I say.