Infinite Possibilities

Posted on Jun 14, 2017 by Joey

A remarkable man...

Chan Canasta is probably my favorite performer. Chan had that rare knack for creating a completely believable world of infinite possibilities out of virtually nothing. When Chan is performing, you believe that what just happened was not a trick, but real.

And, he never called himself a magician. Instead, he referred to himself as a Student of Human Behavior.

For his magic, he used the equivalent contents of most basic magic sets: a deck of cards, a book. His ability to combine thoughtful presentations with simple magic make him my favorite.

He performed here in the US on TV with the likes of Ed Sullivan, and he made the rounds of other American shows like The Tonight Show, et al. This is a clip of him performing on BBC TV. This finale fooled me completely the first time I saw it. To be honest, it fooled me until I read how it’s done!

Here is the actual thirty-minute or so BBC show. It’s been posted on Youtube in three parts.

Part one click here.

Part two click here.

Part three click here.

Chan was famous in Europe. He was native of Poland, and made a lasting name for himself. In this clip, he appears on Dutch TV!

Chan's presentations were about human beings. He talked entertainingly about free will, and choice, but managed to create the belief among many that he could control your behavior, despite the infinite possibilities that exist.

I’m a big fan of the philosophy that “less is more”, and Chan Canasta is a shining example of that thinking. As I say about my own show, ‘no fancy boxes, no smoke and mirrors, just the magic, straight up, fast paced, funny and amazing.’