“We ALL Need Magic”

Posted on May 10, 2017 by Joey

What do you do?

“We all need magic!” said a friend when I told her what I do for a living.

In retrospect, my job seems almost mainstream when compared to Danny MacAskill.

Recently, a long-time friend sent me a link to one of Danny’s videos asking, “Can you imagine his mom’s reaction when he said he wanted to do this for a living?”

I can, actually. My poor mom had to experience all my career choices too: stand-up comedian and blackjack card counter to name two (And this when I was a grown up!).

Danny is a sponsored “trials bike rider”. Mr. MacAskill’s fame began when, at about twenty, he posted a short YouTube video shot by his buddy. This was in 2009. That home video garnered 400,000 views in 48 hours. That was unbelievable - especially back then.

I’d not heard of him until that email this week. His combined online viewership since 2009 is somewhere over several hundred million. I’ve become a fan, and I’m here to spread the word.

Ultimately, this is all a great reminder to me that your heart’s desire is what you should be doing. Life is short.

Click here to watch my favorite of Danny MacAskill’s videos