Magic, TV & Joey

Posted on Apr 18, 2017 by Joey

I tend NOT to watch the latest and greatest on television.

It's funny, too, because when I was a young man, my favorite performer – and the person I wanted to be when I grew up – was Johnny Carson, who started his career as a magician. The Tonight Show was almost my education in some ways, and though he never did magic on the show, he performed his wonderful send up of Mind Readers with his Carnac the Magnificent.

So why don't I watch magicians on TV? I'm not sure if I know the answer! I do a lot of magic. A lot of shows. My days are filled with magic. My office is packed, cheek by jowl with magic books. I think when I'm "off-the-clock" as it were, I like to watch a great movie. Read a great book. About something other than magic.

Ultimately, I think it’s this: I like to keep my magic fresh, original, and not derivative of someone else. To become a better magician, I gain more insight and inspiration from other mediums; books, art, dance, music – than I do from magic itself.

But of course, that’s not to say there isn’t awesome magic on TV all the time. The link below is an old, but interesting, article about magic and television. And, I think shortly after this article appeared in 2014, America's Got Talent crowned a magician, Mat Franco, as its top pick for that year. The first time that a magician won.

Click here to read the article that inspired me to write the above.