That’s Funny!

Posted on Apr 06, 2017 by Joey

Thoughts for you on how to make ‘em laugh…

People enjoy laughing. I believe laughter is an underrated source of relief from the challenges of today’s crazy, gigaminute world. If we laughed more – and on a regular basis – the world would be wonderful place to live.

I get asked a fair amount, ‘how can I learn magic?’, followed quickly by, ‘how can I be more funny?’. I’m going to assume it’s because my show is both amazing and funny. A nice balance of both.

For now, let’s focus on the latter. Here are some great resources for learning about and mastering the skill of the funny…

  • Check out cool comedy resource FunnyBiz. This site offers awesome, simple things to learn about being funny; some are free, and some you can pay for.
  • In “19 Things Great Speakers Do,” writer David Nihill, in an article on LinkedIn, reminds us (and provides several video examples from TED Talks to Obama speeches) that there are indeed important elements to making people laugh. Specifically, Exaggeration, Start Strong, and the Rule of Three are simple tools to incorporate into your next talk. Just as in magic, you don’t necessarily want to use the same method over again in the same show, Instead, choose and use a couple of these methods.
  • Discover some insightful tips in this fun article, 8 Steps to Becoming a Funnier Person.
  • If you want to get really serious, CreativeLive offers our very own Mr. Nihill in a purchasable package: “Become A Better & Funnier Speaker”.

Of course, the best way to become funny is to practice. You’ll discover immediately if your attempt at funny is successful. If it’s funny, they’ll laugh. If not, you try something else next time.

P.S. I get NO remuneration from CreativeLive nor FunnyBiz. Just passing these resources along to those who’ve asked. Okay, now go out there and be funny!