Secrets Revealed: 2

Posted on Jan 07, 2017 by Joey

I tend to keep to myself. In not sure if that’s the way I’ve always been, or just these last five or so years. In fact, I’ve recently been called, ‘secretive.’ Well, I AM a magician, but this person, was referring to the rest of my life. So, here I am, writing this. I’ve decided to make these missives regular, and since I’m not sure that anyone is actually reading them, I’m going to set down one ground rule, and If I ever break it, I’m hopeful one of you will tell me.

Here it is:

I’m going to keep you in mind when I write these.

In other words, what I want to be reading will not be the deciding factor in what I write. My hope is that what I pen (or type) will be useful to you, perhaps interesting, maybe even provocative. Okay, then, see you next time!


P.S. Just what kind secrets will be revealed? I guess you’ll just have to keep reading these posts to find out.