Secrets Revealed!

Posted on Dec 15, 2016 by Joey

“I’m often asked, “How did you do that?” I have an answer to that question that begins with me explaining that I actually have two answers: a short answer and a long answer. I usually ask which the questioner would like to get. In both cases I decline to actually explain how I did it, but both the long and short answers are interesting and do go a long way to explain “how I did it.” This book that I’m going to recommend now is part of the long answer. Written by magician, inventor, and long time magic insider, Jim Steinmeyer, “The Glorious Deception,” is a fabulously entertaining read, and also provides many of the answers to many of the most intimate questions on how we magicians do what we do. Following is a little about the book, above is a photo of the subject of the book, and click here help you make a purchase.


From Publishers Weekly

In the boisterous heyday of the vaudeville music hall—an era that featured renowned magicians like Herrmann the Great and Harry Houdini—the mysterious and exotic Chung Ling Soo was considered among the greatest. Thus, his shooting death on a London stage in front of a packed house in 1918 was cause for scandal and rumor. In this affectionate and informed biography, Steinmeyer (Hiding the Elephant) tantalizingly picks along the trail of the magician’s life back to his birth—not in China but New York. As a stunned public would discover, Soo was really William Ellsworth Robinson. That Robinson was able to maintain the fiction for so many years in the relentless spotlight of worldwide fame might have been a delicious tale. Unfortunately, there’s no rabbit in this hat. Steinmeyer quotes Robinson himself to the effect that the public probably suspected and didn’t care. Fans of the magic arts will appreciate Steinmeyer’s intimate and colorful portraits of craft.